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Why Keep Gums Healthy?

When we think of good oral hygiene and reasons for visiting the dentist, most of us think of the health of our teeth. But gum health is just as important!

The gums support our teeth and provide the foundation for a healthy smile. Keeping your gums free of disease is the key to keeping your teeth strong and stable. Gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in adult patients today.

Dr. Roppa will thoroughly examine the health of your gums during your routine preventive care visits, looking for the early signs of disease that can be treated quickly to avoid bigger problems down the road. Common signs of early stage gum disease, also called gingivitis can include:

  • bleeding gums
  • red, swollen gums
  • gums that appear to be receding
  • changes in the fit of dentures or other appliances

Treating gum disease can be as simple as adding an antibacterial rinse to your at home routine. For more advanced cases, an intensive dental cleaning can often remove built up bacteria and restore gum health. The key is routine dental visits- these provide us with the opportunity to monitor your oral health and offer treatment before damage is done.

Don’t let gum disease threaten the beauty and function of your smile. If you are looking for a dentist in the Viera, FL area, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Roppa or Dr. Marshall-Roppa. We are currently accepting new patients and work with those who suffer from dental anxiety.