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Root Canal Viera, FL

The goal of modern dentistry is to maintain and restore the natural teeth whenever possible, avoiding the cascade of dental problems associated with lost teeth. Drs. Roppa and Marshall-Roppa perform root canals at Smile Viera in Viera, FL when necessary to preserve a natural tooth that has become infected or severely damaged and is considered “dead”.

The root canal process has been significantly improved as a result of better technique, tools and materials, causing no more discomfort than a typical dental filling. Dr. Roppa may recommend the use of a dental crown after your root canal to strengthen the tooth, prevent future damage and ensure a lasting result.


The term root canal refers to the interior of a tooth where the pulp and nerves are located. A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth is significantly damaged or has decay that extends into the pulp chamber. Tooth pain is usually the first sign a patient may experience, though a dentist can often spot infection during routine examinations. Signs you may need a root canal can include:

  • Increased or new sensitivity in the affected tooth
  • Tooth pain that is sudden and acute
  • Changes in the color of the tooth
  • Pimple like growth along the gum line

Seeking prompt treatment for a possible tooth infection is important for the health of your teeth- and your overall health. Untreated infection can enter the bloodstream and put you at great risk for life threatening illness. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of an infected tooth, contact our office right away for an appointment.