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Technology is quickly advancing and revolutionizing health care practices. Dentistry is no exception.

Our mission is to change the way our patients approach their dental visits, both in terms of their preventative care as well as restorative and cosmetic needs. It is our hope that they leave our Viera dentist office feeling confident, fearless, educated, and motivated to take control of their oral health.

To prove our philosophy, Dr. Marshall-Roppa and Dr. Roppa continually attend lectures, seminars, conferences, and continual education courses in order to provide patients cutting edge procedures, techniques, materials, and equipment. Their work ethic and dedication to the dental profession is transferred over to quality, personalized patient care.

Using advanced techniques and technology we are able to diagnosis dental problems in the earliest phase of disease, work more efficiently, offer faster healing times, more comfortable procedures, and the tools to accurately diagnose, share information, and digitally document records.

Digital imagery enables us to include the patient as we view them to discuss, diagnose and plan how best to prevent and treat dental concerns.

Our dental technology includes:

  • Digital dental records: digital charting reduces the “paper trail” to high resolution images that are stored in your digital chart within our computer patient system. This enables us to quickly and easily share them with specialists when necessary and use them as reference when diagnosing a dental problem down the road.
  • Digital x-rays: with significantly reduced radiation exposure, digital x-rays also provide immediate, high resolution digital images for use in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Intra oral camera: a tiny hand held camera can take digital photographs of all areas inside the mouth for use in looking for early signs of decay and disease.
  • Electric dental hand pieces: at Smile Viera, we have converted most of our dental hand pieces to electric. These hand pieces will sound quieter than air hand pieces, reduce your appointment time, feel gentler on your teeth, and produces less vibration which will improve our accuracy of shaping your teeth.

In addition to all of the technology listed above, Smile Viera has incorporated CEREC and dental lasers for use in restorative dentistry and periodontal treatments. CEREC enables you to come in for a dental crown and leave the same day with a quality ceramic restoration. Laser dentistry can be used to treat diseased soft tissue with far less discomfort, bleeding and down time when compared to traditional options.