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Family Dentistry On Your Schedule

When it comes to keeping everyone in your family smiling comfortably, it can often be a challenge just finding the time to schedule a visit to our Viera dentist office!

Smile Viera understands the stresses today’s busy families face when juggling work, home, activities- and routine health care. Often, those “routine” visits get missed when everyone seems healthy and time is in short supply. We can meet the dental health needs of your entire family- no matter what age- under ONE roof. We offer a warm, family friendly dentist office that strives to ensure your comfort and respect your schedule with prompt care.

Although it is easy to schedule and then reschedule those routine visits when you are pressed for time, Dr. Roppa and Dr. Marshall-Roppa emphasize the important role that they play in maintaining a healthy smile- and preventing those untimely dental emergencies!

Routine dental visits provide us the opportunity to look for developing dental problems regularly and spot them in the early stages when conservative measures are effective. This often avoids larger, more complex problems that can arise as a result of missed dental appointments- often at the most inconvenient time!

As family dentists, we offer the pediatric dental services needed to protect a growing smile from decay (dental sealants) and contact sports (mouth guards)- as well as invisible braces and a range of dentistry to repair a damaged tooth when needed.

Family dentistry means that young patients can watch a parent or caregiver model good oral hygiene and dental care- often reducing the anxiety they may feel when visiting a dental office early on. We try to make visits fun and educational for everyone to reduce stress and help young patients take an interest in keeping their smile clean and healthy- for a lifetime!

Looking for a Viera family dentist? We serve Viera, Rockledge and many surrounding areas. Call our office to schedule an appointment or request one online.