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Replace Your Missing Teeth in Viera, FL

Missing teeth replacment Smile Viera Missing teeth can lead to more complex dental issues. Finding the right tooth replacement option can restore beauty and function back to your smile. It is crucial to find an experienced dentist to help identify any underlying dental issues and provide the right tooth replacement solution.

At Smile Viera in Viera, FL, Dr. Domonic Roppa, Dr. Amiee Bachman and Dr. Kara Marshall-Roppa offer a full range of tooth replacement options to restore missing and damaged teeth. Dr. Roppa, Dr. Bachman, and Dr. Marshall-Roppa will work with you to find the nest suitable treatment option for your smile.

Missing Teeth Replacement

If missing teeth are left untreated, it may lead to an increased risk of tooth decay, infection, gum disease, and further tooth loss. We offer a full range of solutions for missing teeth including dental implants, dental bridge, and dentures. Replacing missing teeth can minimize your chance of bone loss, changes in your bite and prevent shifting teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are one of the most successful tooth replacement solutions. Dental implants mimic the natural tooth. Dental implants create a stable foundation used to support a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures.

Dentures: Dentures are typically used to replace multiple missing teeth. For a more stable solution, dentures can be fixed into place using several strategically placed dental implants. We can work with you to create custom dentures that provide natural looking, effective results.

Dental Bridges: A dental bridge can be an ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. The bridge is secured to teeth adjacent to the gap using either dental crowns. A dental bridge can also be secured using dental implants.

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Missing teeth can affect the health and beauty of your smile. Replacing missing teeth can be beneficial to your oral health in the long run. Our team of restorative dentists can create a personalized solution based on your specific dental needs. Our goal is to restore health and function to the teeth and gums through comprehensive, patient-centered dental care. To learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact Smile Viera in Viera, FL. To schedule an appointment, call (321) 614-3833 or schedule an appointment online.