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Why Do I Have a Toothache?

Toothaches can have multiple causes, non-dental and dental alike. Dr. Kara Marshall-Roppa and Dr. Dominic Roppa are Viera, Florida dentists who help patients treat their dental concerns, including toothaches. If you suffer from toothaches, please request a consultation with Drs. Roppa online. You may also call (321) 614-3833. Learn more about the common causes of toothaches below.

Toothaches in Viera, Florida


A cavity is a hole in the tooth enamel that is caused by decay. Bacteria that live in your mouth feed on the plaque that builds upon the teeth when they are not cleaned thoroughly enough. When bacteria feed on the plaque they produce acids that eat away at tooth enamel. Holes in the tooth enamel can cause sensitivity and tooth pain. It is easiest to treat cavities when they are small, where we can still save the tooth.


If you have an injury caused by contact sports or an accident, this can cause a deep discoloring of the tooth, a broken tooth, chipped or cracked teeth, or even total loss of one or more teeth. Following a dental injury, please contact us as soon as possible so we can treat your damaged tooth or teeth as well as your tooth pain.

Damaged or Lost Dental Fillings

Dental pain can be caused by a dental filling being lost or damaged, which can also lead to bite issues. Schedule an appointment so that we can either repair your dental filling or replace it entirely.

Teeth Clenching and Grinding

If you wake up with a sore jaw or chronic headaches, that could be a sign that you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night. We can help save your teeth and jaw from excessive wear and tear, as well as painful headaches, toothaches, and jaw pain.

Wisdom Teeth

When your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, they cause tooth pain, swelling, and jaw stiffness. If there isn’t enough room in the mouth for these third molars, they can damage existing teeth. We will examine your wisdom teeth to determine if they are coming in properly or if they need to be removed.