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How to Prevent Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can feel unpleasant, leaving an uncomfortable sensation on your tongue, gums, and teeth. However, this condition can also create major oral health risks that can create severe and irreversible dental damage without intervention.

Dry mouth occurs when saliva production in your mouth decreases, usually due to dehydration. Your dental professional can offer tips for avoiding this type of dental concern and preserving the look and feel of your smile. Dr. Dominic Roppa, a dentist located in Viera, FL, outlines how you can prevent dry mouth and the oral health complications that can accompany this issue.

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3 Ways to Avoid Dry Mouth

Drink Plenty of Water

A primary reason that dental patients develop dry mouth is dehydration. When an individual does not drink enough water, they experience a reduction of saliva in their mouth resulting in a dry environment that makes it easier for bacteria to spread across their teeth.

This heightens the risk of oral infections like gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss or other severe dental damage. To avoid this, you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day to stay hydrated.

Drinking water has the added benefit of rinsing lingering residues from your smile between oral hygiene regimens. Therefore, it can reduce your risk of forming bad breath as well.

Encourage Saliva Production

If you notice that your mouth feels dry, you can chew something to stimulate saliva production and get rid of that uncomfortable sensation. However, you should take care that you choose a healthy food item to consume so that you do not create secondary oral health concerns for your smile.

Dentists agree that chewing sugar-free gum is a good way to encourage saliva production without compromising your dental health. Choosing a food item high in added sugar, for example, can result in forming cavities or other dental problems.

Evaluate Environmental Factors

When you begin to feel symptoms of dry mouth, you should pay attention to your surroundings to see if they are contributing to your condition. If you notice a pattern, you can alter your environment to reduce the chances of the condition persisting.

For instance, if being in a certain room in your home usually brings you dry mouth, the area could have a great deal of dry air. You should consider using a humidifier in this space to add moisture to the air and decrease the likelihood of continuing to feel dry mouth symptoms.

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