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Dental Tech For Better Dentistiry

lady-smileDental technology is changing the way dentistry is done and improving your experience and results in many ways. Smile Viera offers state of the art technology along with the experience and highly trained dentistry of Dr. Marshall-Roppa and Dr. Roppa. Dedicated to continuing education, our dentists understand how to best utilize modern dental technology to offer patients their full range of benefits.

Benefits of Dental Technology Viera, FL

Dental technology is mobilizing dentistry in all new ways. With our digital dental record system your oral health history can be securely stored for years. For your convenience, all of your digital records and imagining are stored for future reference and easy transfers to specialists.

Digital X-rays greatly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. Less radiation is better for your health. The images that digital x-rays provide are higher quality and more accurate than traditional x-rays. With higher resolution photos, Viera dentists Drs. Roppa and Marshall-Roppa can provide more accurate diagnosis and may spot dental concerns earlier.

Dental technology such as the Intraoral camera can enable Drs. Marshall and Marshall- Roppa to catch signs of dental health concerns early. More accurate and precise diagnosis can help catch complex and advanced oral health concerns. Caught early, gum disease and oral cancer may be able to be treated before irreversible damage is done.

3-D imagery software may be one of the most efficient and effective dental technologies on the market. Our Viera dentist office uses CEREC for same day dental restorations. In one visit to the dentist our dental care team can plan complex restorative dental treatments such as dental crowns. The 3-D imagery provides Dr. Marra with highly accurate images of your mouth and jaw for better fitting and more realistic results. The CEREC mill fabricates the crown at our dentist office. CEREC provides better fitting and high quality dental crowns.

If you have been putting off going to the dentist to receive the dental treatments you need to improve the health and function of your smile, contact our Viera, FL dentist office today. Dr. Roppa or Dr. Marshall Roppa will hear your oral health concerns and help you build a treatment plan that will fulfill your goals. If you suffer from fear or anxiety of the dentist, Dr. Roppa offers sedation dentistry to make your visit to the dentist easier.