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Root Canal Treatment

Woman suffering from toothacheAre you suffering from advanced tooth decay? Root canals are a routine dental procedure that can help restore your smile while protecting the integrity of your natural teeth. Viera, FL dentist Drs. Roppa and Marshall Roppa offer root canals to preserve your natural tooth, and relieve you of your tooth infection. At our Viera dentist office we always aim to offer our patients the most conservative dental treatments. Drs. Roppa and Marshall Roppa will always maintain as much of your natural smile as possible. A root canal will clear you of your tooth infection and help to rebuild the integrity of your natural smile.

Like many dental concerns, it is important to seek help as soon as possible if you believe you are suffering from a tooth infection. Cracked or chipped teeth are prone to developing an infection of the inner pulp as bacteria can enter the tooth.

If you are experiencing any of the following side effects, be sure to call Smile Viera to schedule an appointment:

  • Increased or new sensitivity in the affected tooth
  • Tooth pain that is sudden and acute
  • Changes in the color of the tooth
  • Pimple like growth along the gum line

The sooner you seek treatment, the higher your chances of saving your natural tooth are. If the root canal infection is advanced, Dr. Roppa may opt to extract your tooth. A root canal is always the prefered treatment in order to maintain the structure of your smile. Dr. Roppa or Dr. Marshall Roppa may recommend a dental crown be placed after the root canal to strengthen the tooth structure. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist office, a tooth with a root canal can last many years.

Remember, our oral health is directly linked to the health of our entire bodies. Avoiding treatment for an infection of your tooth could lead to complex systemic health concerns. The bacteria that causes the infection of the inner pulp can enter your bloodstream and may causes serious illness.

Do not put off going to the dentist to receive the dental treatments you need. Contact our Viera, FL dentist office today. Dr. Roppa or Dr. Marshall Roppa will hear your oral health concerns and help you build a treatment plan that will fulfill your goals and restore your oral health. If you suffer from fear or anxiety of the dentist, Dr. Roppa offers sedation dentistry to ease your fears.