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Correct Damaged Teeth With Tooth Bonding

For patients with chipped or cracked teeth, tooth bonding can be an effective solution to repair damaged teeth. Tooth bonding is a less expensive alternative to dental veneers and addresses the same range of dental problems. Tooth bonding can be used to repair:

  • chips
  • cracks
  • fractures
  • gaps
  • cavities
  • discoloration

Viera cosmetic dentists Dr. Roppa, Dr. Bachman, and Dr. Marshall-Roppa offer tooth bonding as a solution to correct damaged teeth. Our team of dentists works closely with each patient to find a solution that is right for their smile. During your visit, we will examine your teeth to determine if dental bonding is the right cosmetic procedure for your needs.

Tooth Bonding in Viera, FL

Tooth bonding can be completed in just one short visit to Smile Viera. One of our experienced dentists will prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of tooth enamel. Depending on your needs, we may apply a local anesthetic to the tooth to keep patients relaxed during their treatment.

The composite resin will be applied to the tooth and sculpted and color match to match the aesthetic of your natural smile. Using a special light, the resin will be hardened into place, creating a natural, durable solution for your smile.

Our dentists recommend that patients follow aftercare instructions and maintain a proper oral hygiene routine to ensure their treatment lasts.

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Improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry can affect the way you and others view your smile. At Smile Viera, we are a team of dentists committed to helping patients improve their smile through patient-focused, comprehensive dental care. If you are dealing with a dental concern and don’t know what your options are, contact our Viera, FL dental office. Our team of dentist will work with you to find a solution that works for you.